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5 Most Common Roof Problems in Falls Church

Do you know the most common roof problems that homeowners will face eventually? Learn more about the potential issues your roof may have as time passes and when you need to rely on a professional roofing company.

Reach out to Low Cost Roofing, Falls Church's trusted roof repair team, to discuss any concerns you have about your roof. Get help fixing roofing problems today.

Common Roof Problems

As a homeowner, you need to know the signs of roof issues before the problem requires a significantly more costly repair.

Lack of Maintenance

Because your roof is the primary defender against weather and environmental factors, it requires regular maintenance to keep it from deteriorating. Annual roof inspections will help you discover minor problems before they spread to the rest of the roofing materials.

Roof Damage

Roof deterioration from age can contribute to many roofing issues, but you also have to watch for damage from things that can include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Pests chewing the roofing
  • Storm damage from strong winds
  • Fallen trees and branches
  • Tree limbs scraping or chipping shingles
  • Ice accumulation that damages the structure
  • Roof expansion and contraction from extreme temperature changes

The above factors can contribute to punctures, tears, split shingles, and many other issues that only an expert roofer can properly identify and quickly correct. Take proactive steps like hiring roofers to inspect and repair minor issues before they cause significant leaks and water damage.

Fascia Rot

Another common roof problem for homes in Falls Church includes rotting or damaged fascia. The fascia helps protect the outer edge of the roofing structure from the elements. Damage to this protective area can contribute to rotting roof lumber, which will threaten the structural integrity of the roof.

Gutter Clogs

Your gutters are a vital feature that guide rainwater away from your home. Gutter clogs can allow water to accumulate and can create pools of standing water. This can damage the home and lead to leaks, which can wreak havoc on internal structures like drywall and lumber.

Poor Installation or Repairs

Improper repairs or poorly installed roofing materials can contribute to more complex issues than you might suspect. Always ensure that your roofers have the appropriate qualifications and tools to perform the services you need. Your checklist will include ensuring the roofer has state certifications, the appropriate training, and offers warranties on labor or materials relating to the repairs your roof needs.

Low Cost Roofing is Here For You

If you find signs of standing water on a flat roof or discover broken shingles landing in your yard, you will need expert assistance to address the problem and protect your biggest investment — your home. Low Cost Roofing provides dependable roofing services in and around Falls Church, VA.

If you suspect that your home has roof problems, contact the professionals at Low Cost Roofing in Falls Church, VA, today. Request assistance and restore your roof to keep you and your property safe.

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After a storm hit the roof of my building, it was in need of urgent repair. I called Andrew and his team to check it out. He got it done in no time and did not even charge us. He was punctual and professional. I would definitely recommend Low Cost Roofing.
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