Is Moss Bad for Your Roof in Falls Church, VA?

Moss may look beautiful when you see it growing on stones by a river on a nature walk, but it’s a different story when you see it growing on your home. Is moss bad for your roof, and what can you do to remove it?

When you need roof replacement experts in Falls Church, VA, schedule service with Low Cost Roofing. The team knows how to safely remove moss and can repair your roof if they discover any damage during the service call.

Causes of Moss Growth on Your Roof

Moss spores spread through the air, traveling throughout your neighborhood on windy days. If moss exists on one roof in your neighborhood, it won’t be long before it travels to every house. 

Moss thrives in damp environments that don’t get a lot of sunlight, which is why you will find moss on parts of your roof shaded by nearby trees. 

It can also grow under debris that remains on your roof, like leaves that fall from nearby trees. The longer debris remains, the more moss and algae grow on your roof.

Damage Caused by Moss

Is moss bad for your roof? It’s not just bad, it can cause huge problems that are expensive to repair if you leave it untreated. 

Moss starts small and spreads quickly, feasting on the limestone that roofers use to seal your shingles. Moss grows roots, destroying your shingles before you even realize it’s there. Cracked or missing shingles open the door for water damage, which can cause mold infestation and structural damage. 

Structural damage is very costly to repair, and mold infestation requires professional remediation to avoid lasting health problems. Professional roof cleaners can safely remove moss without causing damage.

Removal Techniques 

Some homeowners like to do their own mold removal and use harsh cleaning solutions that end up causing more damage and wasting gallons of water in the process. If you want to save yourself some time and money, call a professional pressure washer.

Scraping the moss off the roof yourself may work for a short-term solution, but it won’t completely kill the moss reaching deep into your roofing materials. 

When you schedule a professional pressure washing service, a technician will use a technique called soft washing to remove moss from your roof.

Soft washing uses eco-friendly cleansers and a gentle water spray to remove all traces of moss and prevent expensive roof repairs in the future. 

Reliable Moss Treatment in Falls Church

Is moss bad for your roof? Ignoring moss growing on your roof can lead to roof rot, which is very expensive to repair. DIY moss removal will not thoroughly remove all moss, and you can quickly end up with regrowth in just a few weeks. 

The best way to prevent roof damage is to schedule moss removal with Low Cost Roofing in Falls Church, VA. Fill out the online form to schedule a free roof inspection with the team before the moss on your roof causes extensive damage.

How to Hire Reputable Roofing Contractors in Falls Church, VA

Asphalt shingle roofs last around 20 years, while copper roofs can last more than 50 years.

However, there's no guarantee that your roof will last for its maximum lifespan. If you hire non-reputable roof contractors in Falls Church, VA, your roof is guaranteed to last for a shorter amount of time

Avoid this situation by choosing a reputable Falls Church roofing company. Read on to learn some tips.

Get Recommendations From Other Locals

Don't get trapped in an endless abyss of search results. Instead, start your search by asking locals you know to recommend or not recommend roofing services they've used. Many will have likely used the same roofing professionals.

Make a list of these services. If you want more opinions, find people in locally themed social media subgroups. Some should give you recommendations.

Read Reviews of Roofing Contractors Carefully

You should find reviews for roofing services on different sites. Such reviews can give you tons of useful information. You can use this to help you decide which professional roofers to use.

However, you need to approach these reviews with caution. Many reviews are fake. Learn how to spot fake reviews so that you know when you're getting the truth.

Choose a Long-Standing Falls Church Roofing Company

Don't get roof repair and replacement services from a franchise. Choose the local Falls Church professional roofers. They will have first-hand knowledge of everything a Falls Church roof needs and where to easily get it.

Furthermore, a company that has stood in a local area for several years has proven its quality. Customers will stop going to a service if they find it doesn't fulfill their roof repair needs. Such actions will cause the company to burn out in a year or so.

Check for Licenses and Insurance

Professional roofers have to have years of service and take a skills test before they get licenses. If a company's roofers have licenses, you can bet that they will offer high-quality roof repair and replacement services.

Your ideal Falls Church roofing company should also have good insurance. This will help them refund what you paid them for services should they make a mistake. If they don't have insurance, the company may be unable to refund your service charge.

Ask for Everything in Writing

Dishonest services like to hide fake charges from you by not giving you an itemized bill.

When you first contact a roofing company, ask if you can get everything in writing. Honest roofing contractors should be willing to give you an itemized bill.

Get High-Quality Falls Church Roofing Services From Us

It will likely take you a lot of time to look into all these details. However, it will be worth knowing that you've chosen the best Falls Church roofing contractors possible. You'll feel safer living under a roof built by competent professionals.

As you're looking for a Falls Church roofing company, check out our services. We offer high-quality roof work at affordable rates. Get a free roof inspection by filling out the form at the top of this page.