Roof Rot (Dry Rot): Causes, Solutions, and Prevention Tips

Roof rot is a problem no Falls Church homeowner wants to experience. However, it doesn’t happen suddenly. If root rot affects your home, it’s usually a sign that you’ve neglected the roof for too long. Many people ignore their roof as long as it’s doing its job, but problems like roof rot are there to remind you how that approach can be counterproductive.

In this article, the roof replacement experts in falls church, VA, will look at the causes of roof rot and what homeowners in Falls Church can do to fix it.

What is Roof Rot?

Roof rot is the decay of the wooden components in a roofing system. The roofs on most homes across Falls Church, VA, feature tough, impermeable materials like metal, clay, or composite on the outside.

However, underneath the structure lies a largely wooden support system that includes the roof decking, trusses, beams, and more. Roof rot targets this support system. If ignored long enough, it can erode the roof’s structural integrity.

The Main Causes of Roof Rot Across Homes in Falls Church, VA

The main causes of roof rot across homes in Falls Church include:

From the list of possible causes above, it’s clear that moisture issues are the leading cause of roof rot. Mold and moss (which can hasten the rot) thrive in such environments.

In a smaller percentage of cases, fungal growth can cause roof rot. The industry term for that problem is dry rot.

How Does Roof Rot Affect Your Roof?

Roof rot causes cracks in the wood supporting the roof system. Over time, it increases the risk of sections of the roof collapsing. Roof rot damage makes your roof more prone to leaks and other forms of damage, which further hastens the roof rot — a vicious cycle that will leave you in need of complete roof replacement.

What Are the Signs of Roof Rot?

You don’t have to remove your roof tiles to check for roof rot. Below are some signs of damage you should watch for inside and outside your home:

If you spot any of these problems, call a roofing professional quickly to prevent more serious damage.

What Is the Fix for Roof Rot?

The only way to fix roof rot is to completely remove and replace the affected sections. It’s the only way to stop the fungi from spreading. If the rot has spread too far, you’ll need a complete roof replacement.

Request a Roof Inspection From Low Cost Roofing

As a homeowner in Falls Church, the high humidity environment poses a risk to your roof system. You need to schedule regular inspections to stay ahead of potential moisture-related problems.Call Low Cost Roofing today to request an inspection to ensure you don’t have ongoing roof rot and other common roof problems.

Blistered Roof Shingles: Main Causes and How to Prevent It

Asphalt shingles are the most common roof type for homeowners in Falls Church. Most of these roofs will experience blistering — those dark spots that look like smudges — over their lifespan.

If you spot blistering on your roof, you should do your best to address them to avoid long-term damage.

Falls Church's expert roof repair team explains blistered shingles in more detail and what you should do about them.

What Is Shingle Blistering?

Blistered shingles occur when asphalt shingles are no longer bound to the roof underlayment and decking. The result is air pockets that give your roof an uneven appearance on the surface. Shingle blistering is generally a cosmetic issue, but only if the blisters don’t pop; the roof is compromised as soon as the blisters do so.

The popping of the blisters erodes the protective granules, making the surface less impermeable. As the elements hit the roof material more directly, the matting will become exposed. In that situation, the problem shingles can no longer protect your home against harsh sunrays and moisture, and you’ll be faced with costly repairs.

What Should You Do About Blistered Shingles?

Once you notice shingle blistering in the roof over your Falls Church home, you should do your best to keep them from popping. Some of the things you can do include avoiding walking on the roof and cutting away any branches that may fall in a storm.

Once the blistered shingles pop, you’ll need to call in a roofing contractor to replace them since you can’t patch up those shingles. If the blistering has taken over more than 35% of your roof, you’ll likely need to budget a roof replacement.

What Are the Causes of Asphalt Blistering?

Shingles blister for a number of reasons, including the following.

Poor Installation Work

Blistering happens when roofers don’t secure shingles properly. The contractors may have made mistakes in their measurements, leaving the homeowner with a roof that has gaps that will encourage blistering.

Low-Quality Shingles

Low-quality shingles are at risk of blistering because they don’t have the right composition to withstand the elements and stay glued to roof underlayment.

Insufficient Attic Ventilation

Proper ventilation in the attic is the best way to reduce the risk of common roof problems like mold growth, roof rot, and general deterioration. Inadequate ventilation means warm, humid air will stay trapped in the attic, making the space hotter. In turn, it will affect the roof above, increasing the risk of shingle blistering.


A roof that’s already close to the end of its life span will become more susceptible to all forms of damage, including shingle blistering.

Get Expert Help for Your Falls Church Roof Today

Blistered shingles don’t just look unsightly. They can destroy your roof if you ignore them long enough. Knowing how to hire reputable roofing contractors that will use high-quality asphalt shingles is the first step to avoiding this common issue.

Do you already have blistered shingles over your Falls Church home? Call Low Cost Roofing to request a roof inspection and possible repairs.

The Factors That Affect the Average Cost of a New Roof

Learn about the factors that influence the average cost of a new roof. Reach out to Low Cost Roofing about reliable roof replacement in Falls Church, VA.

Factors That Impact the Cost of a New Roof in Falls Church, VA

If you are ready for a new roof, you’ll need to talk with a roofing company to get a custom estimate for your project. Explore a few of the factors that will affect the cost of a new roof in Falls Church, VA.

Shingle Material

One of the biggest factors that will impact the cost is the type of roof you want your professionals to install. You have shingle material options that include:

Each type of material carries a different cost and average lifespan. You can discuss the best options for your home with your roofer.

Roof Size and Pitch Angle

Another factor that changes the cost of your roof replacement is the roof size and pitch. Steeper pitches and larger roofing areas will cost more to replace due to the complications these factors present.

Roof Style and Features

You might also find that the roofing costs change between the roof style and any features your roof may have. These can include:

Gable roofing is less expensive to replace than a hipped-style roof, and additional features need specialized attention to ensure a good seal to prevent leaks and water damage to your new roofing materials.

Old Roof Removal

Your roofers can’t replace your roof without removing the old materials first. Even if you only need your roofing crew to replace a small portion of the roof, the old materials must be taken away to make room for the new installation.


Labor costs are another major factor in the average cost of a new roof. Installation techniques can also impact the cost of labor for replacing a roof. Hand-nailing in the new shingles will take more time and effort than using a highly efficient air-nailing tool.

Disposal of Old Materials

After removing the old roof from your house, your contractors will also charge for the associated disposal fees of any unwanted shingles, lumber, staples, and nails to keep your property clean.

Get a Professional Quote for Roof Replacement in Falls Church, VA

There are many factors that go into the average cost of a new roof, and the only way to know how much your roof will cost is by getting a professional quote. You can also look into your insurance roof coverage to recover costs.

When you are ready to replace the old roof on your private residence, contact the Low Cost Roofing team in Falls Church, VA.

5 Most Common Roof Problems in Falls Church

Do you know the most common roof problems that homeowners will face eventually? Learn more about the potential issues your roof may have as time passes and when you need to rely on a professional roofing company.

Reach out to Low Cost Roofing, Falls Church's trusted roof repair team, to discuss any concerns you have about your roof. Get help fixing roofing problems today.

Common Roof Problems

As a homeowner, you need to know the signs of roof issues before the problem requires a significantly more costly repair.

Lack of Maintenance

Because your roof is the primary defender against weather and environmental factors, it requires regular maintenance to keep it from deteriorating. Annual roof inspections will help you discover minor problems before they spread to the rest of the roofing materials.

Roof Damage

Roof deterioration from age can contribute to many roofing issues, but you also have to watch for damage from things that can include, but aren’t limited to:

The above factors can contribute to punctures, tears, split shingles, and many other issues that only an expert roofer can properly identify and quickly correct. Take proactive steps like hiring roofers to inspect and repair minor issues before they cause significant leaks and water damage.

Fascia Rot

Another common roof problem for homes in Falls Church includes rotting or damaged fascia. The fascia helps protect the outer edge of the roofing structure from the elements. Damage to this protective area can contribute to rotting roof lumber, which will threaten the structural integrity of the roof.

Gutter Clogs

Your gutters are a vital feature that guide rainwater away from your home. Gutter clogs can allow water to accumulate and can create pools of standing water. This can damage the home and lead to leaks, which can wreak havoc on internal structures like drywall and lumber.

Poor Installation or Repairs

Improper repairs or poorly installed roofing materials can contribute to more complex issues than you might suspect. Always ensure that your roofers have the appropriate qualifications and tools to perform the services you need. Your checklist will include ensuring the roofer has state certifications, the appropriate training, and offers warranties on labor or materials relating to the repairs your roof needs.

Low Cost Roofing is Here For You

If you find signs of standing water on a flat roof or discover broken shingles landing in your yard, you will need expert assistance to address the problem and protect your biggest investment — your home. Low Cost Roofing provides dependable roofing services in and around Falls Church, VA.

If you suspect that your home has roof problems, contact the professionals at Low Cost Roofing in Falls Church, VA, today. Request assistance and restore your roof to keep you and your property safe.

How to Overlap Corrugated Metal Roofing on Your Falls Church Residence

Installing a metal roof on your home is a fantastic way to elevate its appearance while improving its durability. However, many Falls Church, VA, residents don’t understand how to overlap corrugated metal roofing correctly, resulting in a lackluster final product that doesn’t protect their homes efficiently. Fortunately, Low Cost Roofing put together a step-by-step installation guide to teach you how to overlap corrugated metal roofing correctly.

Low Cost Roofing is one of the most trusted professional roofing services in Falls Church, VA. The team specializes in installing, maintaining, and repairing all the leading residential and commercial roof types, qualifying its roofers for even the toughest roofing projects. If you need high-quality metal roofing services in Falls Church, VA, contact the experts at Low Cost Roofing.

What Is Corrugated Metal Roofing?

Corrugated metal roofing is a durable roofing system that’s as robust as it is alluring. It consists of sturdy corrugated metal sheets created by roll-forming machines and features alternating ridges and grooves that maximize their strength. Its unique design is the biggest contributing factor to its durability, allowing it to withstand the worst weather conditions without issue.

Unfortunately, installing corrugated metal roofing is often easier said than done, especially if you don’t have prior experience. Its peculiar shape and unique installation requirements can confuse many novice roofers. However, once you understand the basics, you can learn how to overlap corrugated metal roofing without delay.

Step One: Measure the Roof

Before you learn how to overlap corrugated metal roofing, you must measure your home’s roof. Simply measure the roof’s length and width and multiply them together to determine the best corrugated panel size.

It’s important to note that each corrugated metal panel must overlap with another. As such, professional roofers recommend purchasing panels with four inches of overlap space to ensure optimal installation and results.

Step Two: Purchase the Corrugated Panels

Once you have your home’s roof measurements, you can purchase the corrugated panels. Most precut panels are three to 12 feet, but you can buy an uncut 32-foot panel and cut it yourself if you have the correct tools.

Step Three: Install Roofing Felt

Next, install your roofing felt to provide adequate insulation for your home. Cut the felt into the correct sizes and lay them horizontally close to your roof plywood deck. Use roof staples to install the roofing felt while ensuring it overlaps with each other by at least four inches.

Step Four: Overlap the Panels

After installing the felt, place a corrugated metal panel in the bottom corner of your roof over the felt. Continue working horizontally until you establish several rows, with each sheet overlapping each other by four centimeters. Also, the first corrugated panel should hang off the side by ten centimeters.

Once all the sheets are in place, secure them to roof plywood with 20-centimeter screws.

Step Five: Install the Second Corrugation

Next, overlap the second corrugation by ten centimeters to enhance the roof’s weather resistance. Screw in the bottom while overlapping the sheet’s edge. Continue the process until you completely cover the roof.

Sometimes homeowners need to cut the last panel in each row to ensure it fits the roof correctly. Although many roofers recommend using an angle grinder to trim the sheets, you can also use a saw or cable-tie scissors if you don’t know how to use an angle grinder safely.

Angle grinders can pose a safety risk if you don’t understand how to use one correctly. They can cause significant injuries and even death in severe cases. Only use an angle grinder if you have experience with the tool and have the required safety equipment.

Step Six: Seal the Panel’s Seams

Finally, use sealant or roofing cement to seal the panel’s exposed seams. Once the seams dry (typically takes 12 hours), you can enjoy your new metal roof and complete the process.

You can also hire a professional roofer to handle the process and ensure your new roof meets Falls Church, VA’s building codes.

Contact Low Cost Roofing for Professional Roofing Services in Falls Church, VA

If you need help overlapping corrugated metal roofing in Falls Church, VA, contact Low Cost Roofing for professional roof replacement services. Its experienced roofers will teach you how to overlap corrugated metal roofing and explain other installation guides to ensure your home looks its best for years to come.

Give Low Cost Roofing a call and schedule your appointment today to get the most reliable and cost-effective roof in Falls Church, VA!

Does a Metal Roof Make Your House Hotter in Falls Church, VA?

For anyone interested in roof replacement options, asking, "does a metal roof make your house hotter" is a very important question. You might think that because metal conducts heat, it will make your home too warm during sunny summers in Falls Church. The truth is that a metal roof does not make your house hotter because it helps avoid storing excess heat within your home. 

Low Cost Roofing, a trusted local metal roofing company in Falls Church, VA, explains the energy efficiency of metal roofing materials and whether a metal roof makes your home hotter.

Metal Roofs: Does the Type of Roofing Material Matter?

While no roofing materials will actively cool down your home, metal roofing helps prevent excess heat from sunlight from accumulating and warming up your house.

Metal roofs do not make homes hotter than other types of roofs. 

Metal roofs reflect light and heat. Other roofing materials, like ceramic tile roofs, wooden roofs, concrete roofs, and asphalt tile roofs, all absorb heat and light. By reflecting heat and light, metal roofs increase a home's energy efficiency and comfort level through their smart use of materials. 

How Well Do Metal Roofs Perform Under Hot Conditions? 

Metal roofs stand up to scorching Falls Church summers very well, but not all metal roofs perform equally. Various factors contribute to how well they manage heat absorption: 

Additionally, sunlight exposure is another important factor; the greater the amount of sunlight exposure, the hotter the roof gets.

When the direct sun exposure lessens later in the day, the roof cools to match the air temperature. With over 200 sunny days a year in Falls Church, a metal roof can keep your home cooler than heavy ceramic tiles or dark asphalt shingles.

How Metal Roofs Increase Energy Efficiency 

Does a metal roof make your house hotter? Although possible, metal roofs are excellent at keeping homes cooler. Most importantly, the materials and construction of a metal roof improve its performance and energy efficiency compared to other roof types.

An ENERGY STAR-rated reflective coating can further boost your metal roof's energy efficiency by allowing it to reflect more light and heat. Other roofing materials, such as ceramic tiles, concrete, wood, and asphalt shingles, transfer heat into the home.

If you would like to increase your roof's energy efficiency, contact Low Cost Roofing today.

The Importance of Ventilation and Insulation to Keep Your Home Cool

A roof's performance (and how cool your home stays) also comes down to its construction, insulation, and ventilation.

Ventilation built into the roof helps with its heat management long-term as well. Properly ventilating a metal roof during installation with soffits and ridge vents enables greater air circulation. This keeps homes cooler in warmer months and helps with managing moisture throughout the year to prevent mold growth. 

If your home isn't staying as cool as you would like or you notice it cannot cool efficiently in the warmer months, your attic's insulation and ventilation may need replacement.

Contact Low Cost Roofing Today for Metal Roofs in Falls Church, VA

If you would like to learn more about replacing your current roof with a metal one in Falls Church, VA, or the surrounding areas, Low Cost Roofing is your go-to source for all roof replacement needs.

Does a metal roof make your house hotter? Metal roofs actually provide better energy efficiency and heat management than other types of roofs, such as asphalt shingles, ceramic tiles, and concrete. 

Low Cost Roofing offers exceptional roofing at competitive rates, with dedicated customer service. Falls Church residents rely on Low Cost Roofing for residential and commercial roofing services, 24/7 emergency storm roof restoration, roof inspections, and assistance with insurance claims. Contact the team at Low Cost Roofing today to learn more.

How to Hire Reputable Roofing Contractors in Falls Church, VA

Asphalt shingle roofs last around 20 years, while copper roofs can last more than 50 years.

However, there's no guarantee that your roof will last for its maximum lifespan. If you hire non-reputable roof contractors in Falls Church, VA, your roof is guaranteed to last for a shorter amount of time

Avoid this situation by choosing a reputable Falls Church roofing company. Read on to learn some tips.

Get Recommendations From Other Locals

Don't get trapped in an endless abyss of search results. Instead, start your search by asking locals you know to recommend or not recommend roofing services they've used. Many will have likely used the same roofing professionals.

Make a list of these services. If you want more opinions, find people in locally themed social media subgroups. Some should give you recommendations.

Read Reviews of Roofing Contractors Carefully

You should find reviews for roofing services on different sites. Such reviews can give you tons of useful information. You can use this to help you decide which professional roofers to use.

However, you need to approach these reviews with caution. Many reviews are fake. Learn how to spot fake reviews so that you know when you're getting the truth.

Choose a Long-Standing Falls Church Roofing Company

Don't get roof repair and replacement services from a franchise. Choose the local Falls Church professional roofers. They will have first-hand knowledge of everything a Falls Church roof needs and where to easily get it.

Furthermore, a company that has stood in a local area for several years has proven its quality. Customers will stop going to a service if they find it doesn't fulfill their roof repair needs. Such actions will cause the company to burn out in a year or so.

Check for Licenses and Insurance

Professional roofers have to have years of service and take a skills test before they get licenses. If a company's roofers have licenses, you can bet that they will offer high-quality roof repair and replacement services.

Your ideal Falls Church roofing company should also have good insurance. This will help them refund what you paid them for services should they make a mistake. If they don't have insurance, the company may be unable to refund your service charge.

Ask for Everything in Writing

Dishonest services like to hide fake charges from you by not giving you an itemized bill.

When you first contact a roofing company, ask if you can get everything in writing. Honest roofing contractors should be willing to give you an itemized bill.

Get High-Quality Falls Church Roofing Services From Us

It will likely take you a lot of time to look into all these details. However, it will be worth knowing that you've chosen the best Falls Church roofing contractors possible. You'll feel safer living under a roof built by competent professionals.

As you're looking for a Falls Church roofing company, check out our services. We offer high-quality roof work at affordable rates. Get a free roof inspection by filling out the form at the top of this page.

Is Roof Replacement Covered by Insurance?

Roof replacements aren’t something homeowners worry about regularly. Even here in Falls Church, we prioritize other things when frontal cyclones originate from the Atlantic Ocean and heavily affect the eastern coast. We track the storm, prepare provisions and emergency kits, and work to move our family to safety. 

Unfortunately, you have to wonder, “is a roof replacement covered by insurance?” Otherwise, your home will be in jeopardy long after the storm passes. To find out when you should call your insurance company and what to expect from them, keep reading and trust Low Cost Roofing for a quality roof replacement in Falls Church, VA

What Repairs and Replacements Does Insurance Cover?

Your homeowner’s insurance policy most likely covers extreme and sudden damages from tropical storms, fires, and large fallen objects on your roof. That’s because these violent acts of nature and other unfortunate circumstances take down even the strongest and newest roofs. Once weakened, they allow internal water damage and encourage harsh temperatures to seep in, affecting your comfort and safety. 

If you have anything from a large leak to a gaping hole on your rooftop, the insurance company may pay as high as your coverage limit will allow. However, if you have a roof over 20 years old, you may only get the actual cash value for a replacement rather than the amount necessary for a new roof. 

Still, not all roof leaks warrant a payout, so if you want to know, “is a roof replacement covered by insurance?” consider what they won’t cover. 

Where May Insurance Leave You To Fend for Yourself?

Contractors make your roof durable, helping it withstand minor inflictions like a typical rainstorm or built-up debris. Therefore, if a crack or leak derives from these normal circumstances, it won’t be enough for your policy to pay out. Instead, your insurance company will likely blame you for not caring for your roof better. 

Even if you keep up with semi-annual maintenance and maintain your roof in optimal condition, your policy won’t cover cosmetic repairs. If strong winds leave some of your shingles on your front lawn or with an insignificant leak that a minor repair can handle, your insurance company won’t see the urgency. They’ll expect you to pay out of pocket for repairs.

How Should You Prevent Further Damages Insurance Won’t Cover? 

To guarantee you won’t pay out of pocket for future roof damages while keeping your roof sturdy, remain aware of your roof’s lifespan and materials’ condition. Depending on the material and regular maintenance, your roof lasts between 20 and 100 years, with concrete, slate, and clay lasting the longest. 

Get your roof on the right track with a professional inspection that’ll direct your attention to the following:

Work with these professionals to relieve your rooftop’s current condition. Once you give your roof a new lease on life, you won’t have to wonder, “is a roof replacement covered by insurance?” Insurance companies will be more open to helping you once disaster strikes. 

Preparing for an Insurance Inspection 

If you believe the insurance company owes you for recent damages, take the appropriate steps before picking up the phone. First, gather vital paperwork like a copy of your roof’s insurance policy. More importantly, find previous inspection reports that prove the preexisting condition of your roof before damages and repair work receipts, which demonstrate the intricate care you provided for it.

If you have pictures from when your roof was in peak condition, use them alongside some new shots of your damaged roof. These before and after photos will help show no damages were your fault during your claims process. Then, call your insurance provider to inspect your roof, validate your evidence, and provide their assessment.

Help Your Roof Pass Any Inspection, Anytime!

The most common reason residents in Falls Church fear the answer to the question, “is a roof replacement covered by insurance?” is because they placed maintenance on the back burner a long time ago due to high costs. At Low Cost Roofing, with 0% interest financing for up to two years and new roofs under $80 a month, high costs no longer become a concern. Our five-star, GAF-certified team offers 24/7 roof repairs, inspections, maintenance, and replacements for everyone in Falls Church, VA, and surrounding areas. Contact us for a free consultation today!

How Long Does a Metal Roof Last: Key Considerations

Many homeowners looking for roof replacement or repair wonder, "How long does a metal roof last?" Low Cost Roofing, LLC has trusted specialists in metal roofing in Falls Church, VA, and can help repair, replace, or install your next metal roof. These highly durable roofs are known to be long-lasting and preferred over other types, but how long will yours last? Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of metal roofs. 

How Long Does a Metal Roof Last?

Your metal roof can last between 20 and 50 years, depending on multiple factors. The lifespan can differ depending on if your roof is a screw-down panel or standing seam, but both types are known for their low maintenance requirement and high-quality materials. 

Like with any other roof, there are pros and cons of metal ones, but many prefer their durability.

What Can Impact Your Metal Roof's Lifespan?

How long does a metal roof last? Many factors can affect the life expectancy of a metal roof, including:

Why Are Metal Roofs Long-Lasting?

It is no secret that metal roofs have become increasingly popular, potentially due to their numerous advantages, such as:

Contact Low Cost Roofing, LLC. for Professional Roofing Services

Reach out to the Low Cost Roofing, LLC team for high-quality, affordable roofing services in Falls Church, VA. Now that they've answered, "How long does a metal roof last?" contact their business for exceptional, top-rated roofing services. They can install, replace, or repair your metal roof or inspect your current roof to see if you want to switch.

Is Standing Water on a Flat Roof a Problem?

If you can easily climb onto your flat roof and look at it, do you notice ponding water? Is standing water on a flat roof a problem? The truth is water pooling on a flat roof can indicate problems with the roofing materials that can lead to structural issues over time.

In the paragraphs below, flat roofing contractors in Falls Church, VA, from Low Cost Roofing, LLC., explain what to look for on a flat roof after heavy rain, identifying structural issues causing the ponding water, and when to hire a professional roofer for flat roof issues.

When is Ponding Water a Problem?

When water remains on your roof two days or longer after heavy rain, it can affect the structural integrity and reduce the expected lifespan of your roof. While a single instance of ponding water may not threaten your roof, recurring instances of water pooling for long periods can lead to deterioration of the roofing materials and cause leaks.

Other issues include your roof becoming a mosquito breeding pool or nesting ground for other pests. Standing water can grow mold and mildew, which could penetrate through your roof into your home or business and cause health problems for your family, employees, or customers.

What Does Pooling Water Indicate Could Be Wrong on a Flat Roof?

Water pooling on a flat roof could indicate any of a few key problems, including:

Hire a Professional Roofer to Fix Structural Issues Causing Ponding Water

A professional roofer can inspect your entire flat roof system to determine why water is pooling on your roof and write an estimate to correct any issues, including:

You need a trained eye to inspect your flat roof and all its connected systems to determine the cause and best course of action to address standing water.

Contact Low Cost Roofing in Falls Church, VA, for Issues with Your Flat Roof

So is standing water on a flat roof a problem? Yes. If you have standing water on your flat roof in Falls Church, VA, call Low Cost Roofing, LLC. They serve residential and commercial properties as members of the National Roofing Contractors Association.