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How Much Does Hail Damage Roof Repair Cost in Falls Church?

Hailstorms are common in Falls Church, Virginia, and the surrounding communities. They occur during severe thunderstorms, causing damage to cars, landscapes, aircraft, and livestock. Roofing is also vulnerable to hail damage, but how much does hail damage roof repair cost?

If you need reliable roof repair in Falls Church after a hail storm, here's a general idea of how much the service could cost.

What to Know About Hail Damage Roof Repair Expenses for Falls Church

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, hailstorm damage to properties and crops costs the country about $1 billion annually. For homes throughout Falls Church and other communities, minor hail damage to gutters and roof flashing can be as low as $200. However, substantial divots covering large areas on a roof with the increased risk of water damage can be as high as $32,000 to fix. 

Most people pay between $900 and $4,000 to repair roof damage due to hail. Here are some factors that affect your hail damage roof repair cost in Falls Church.

Roofing Material

Replacing a few damaged roofing shingles or tiles might be the best way to address hail damage. For asphalt shingles, the cost can reach up to $4 per square foot. Here are other roofing materials and their general replacement costs per square foot:

  • Metal Sheeting: Up to $5
  • Wood Shingles: Up to $7
  • Clay and Concrete Tiles: Up to $5

Insurance Coverage

Most homeowner's insurance policies cover hail damage to roofs. Still, you must meet your deductible before the insurance company pays for the repairs. Consult with your insurance agency to learn the stipulations and financial requirements before filing a claim. 

Project Scope and Severity

Multiple houses in Falls Church could sustain roof damage from a hailstorm, but that doesn't mean each home will have the same problems. The scope of your specific roof repair project depends on how much of your roof has hail damage, your roof's pitch and style, and how accessible your roof is to roofing professionals. 

For example, a multi-level home with a roofing material vulnerable to hail damage, like asphalt shingles, and a steep pitch will likely have higher labor costs than a flat roof with durable metal sheeting. 

Professional Roof Inspection 

Hail damage can cause major problems for your roofing structure, even if you can't visibly see the damage, so hiring a qualified professional to inspect the roof is best. However, the cost for this service can range from $80 to $600. 

Get the Best Hail Damage Roof Repairs from the Top Fall Church Roofing Company

Your hail damage roof repair cost will depend on several factors, including the roofers who complete the project in Falls Church, Virginia. Fortunately, Low Cost Roofing, LLC, is a premier roofing company offering affordable rates on all services, financing options, and product and labor warranties with coverage for up to 50 years.

Their certified roofers also provide emergency storm damage repairs and help with insurance claims. They can also install an impact-resistant roof to prevent costly hail damage. Contact Low Cost Roofing, LLC, today to request your free quote.

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