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Is Roof Replacement Covered by Insurance?

Roof replacements aren’t something homeowners worry about regularly. Even here in Falls Church, we prioritize other things when frontal cyclones originate from the Atlantic Ocean and heavily affect the eastern coast. We track the storm, prepare provisions and emergency kits, and work to move our family to safety. 

Unfortunately, you have to wonder, “is a roof replacement covered by insurance?” Otherwise, your home will be in jeopardy long after the storm passes. To find out when you should call your insurance company and what to expect from them, keep reading and trust Low Cost Roofing for a quality roof replacement in Falls Church, VA

What Repairs and Replacements Does Insurance Cover?

Your homeowner’s insurance policy most likely covers extreme and sudden damages from tropical storms, fires, and large fallen objects on your roof. That’s because these violent acts of nature and other unfortunate circumstances take down even the strongest and newest roofs. Once weakened, they allow internal water damage and encourage harsh temperatures to seep in, affecting your comfort and safety. 

If you have anything from a large leak to a gaping hole on your rooftop, the insurance company may pay as high as your coverage limit will allow. However, if you have a roof over 20 years old, you may only get the actual cash value for a replacement rather than the amount necessary for a new roof. 

Still, not all roof leaks warrant a payout, so if you want to know, “is a roof replacement covered by insurance?” consider what they won’t cover. 

Where May Insurance Leave You To Fend for Yourself?

Contractors make your roof durable, helping it withstand minor inflictions like a typical rainstorm or built-up debris. Therefore, if a crack or leak derives from these normal circumstances, it won’t be enough for your policy to pay out. Instead, your insurance company will likely blame you for not caring for your roof better. 

Even if you keep up with semi-annual maintenance and maintain your roof in optimal condition, your policy won’t cover cosmetic repairs. If strong winds leave some of your shingles on your front lawn or with an insignificant leak that a minor repair can handle, your insurance company won’t see the urgency. They’ll expect you to pay out of pocket for repairs.

How Should You Prevent Further Damages Insurance Won’t Cover? 

To guarantee you won’t pay out of pocket for future roof damages while keeping your roof sturdy, remain aware of your roof’s lifespan and materials’ condition. Depending on the material and regular maintenance, your roof lasts between 20 and 100 years, with concrete, slate, and clay lasting the longest. 

Get your roof on the right track with a professional inspection that’ll direct your attention to the following:

  • Fungal buildup from stagnant water or moist material
  • Cracks and holes or broken shingles that let the elements indoors
  • Deteriorated wooden structure 
  • Lodged debris lifting the shingles or an excessive amount concaving the surface
  • Weak overhanging tree limbs or branches that need trimming back

Work with these professionals to relieve your rooftop’s current condition. Once you give your roof a new lease on life, you won’t have to wonder, “is a roof replacement covered by insurance?” Insurance companies will be more open to helping you once disaster strikes. 

Preparing for an Insurance Inspection 

If you believe the insurance company owes you for recent damages, take the appropriate steps before picking up the phone. First, gather vital paperwork like a copy of your roof’s insurance policy. More importantly, find previous inspection reports that prove the preexisting condition of your roof before damages and repair work receipts, which demonstrate the intricate care you provided for it.

If you have pictures from when your roof was in peak condition, use them alongside some new shots of your damaged roof. These before and after photos will help show no damages were your fault during your claims process. Then, call your insurance provider to inspect your roof, validate your evidence, and provide their assessment.

Help Your Roof Pass Any Inspection, Anytime!

The most common reason residents in Falls Church fear the answer to the question, “is a roof replacement covered by insurance?” is because they placed maintenance on the back burner a long time ago due to high costs. At Low Cost Roofing, with 0% interest financing for up to two years and new roofs under $80 a month, high costs no longer become a concern. Our five-star, GAF-certified team offers 24/7 roof repairs, inspections, maintenance, and replacements for everyone in Falls Church, VA, and surrounding areas. Contact us for a free consultation today!

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